Ventsafe services include a complete diagnostic inspection, which will determine dryer vent efficiency and safety. We will identify if your vent needs to be cleaned, whether your vent is properly routed, if the proper ducting materials were used, and whether a booster fan is needed.

Once we have completed the inspection, we utilize our professional systems to remove all lint buildup, clogs, and obstructions, including bird and rodent nests, from the entire run of the vent and booster fan, not just the entry and termination points. When necessary, we can properly route your system to prevent future problems and replace substandard ductwork that creates a safety hazard.

We are the experts for professional Rochester, NY dryer vent cleaning. With a clean dryer vent you can save time and money while preventing a dryer fire. Give us a call at 585-305-8517 to get the lint out with Ventsafe.




Understand why your business should be concerned with dryer vent cleaning. Be confident that your business is in good hands with great people.

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All of our equipment is designed and used just to clean dryer vents.  Our process is unique so ensure safe and clean vents.

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